Posted by Arden Wallace

I visited DirectStarTV.com and upgraded our television package. I have been watching the morning television news shows now every morning. I saw a really interesting segment on the “Today Show” today. A professor was arrested recently because some kid brought alcohol into his teenage son’s party. The professor was arrested and charged with forty-five counts of child endangerment ( the number of kids that were at the party). Honestly, I felt sorry for the dad that was facing up to a year in jail. I couldn’t believe that they were holding him accountable. I remember being in high school and going to parties at houses and kids were always sneaking alcohol into the parties. The parents couldn’t monitor everyone. I can’t imagine having a party at my house and that happening and me being carted off to jail. It almost makes me want to completely avoid having people over to my house. You just never know what teenagers are up to, if you are held responsible for them sneaking something in the house, I think that I would be too scared to throw a party!


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