The Game of Pawns

Title: The Game of Pawns
Series: The Darkness Series #3
Author: Leonard D. Hilley II
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
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Twelve execution-style murders have occurred in Newark, New Jersey, in less than a week. Each murder has a calling card - a red pawn on each corpse. Kat Gaddis and Lucian investigate the homicides and discover the last four victims were employed by GenTech, a company that recently merged with Mech Cybernetics. After FBI director Mike Carpenter shares evidence with Kat, they soon discover political ties and corruptions that place Kat's life in direct danger. New players emerge and what seems like serial murders suddenly becomes a struggle for biotech knowledge and power. Kat is thrust into their game - The Game of Pawns.

Warning! This Post Contains Spoilers! If you have not read Beyond the Darkness turn back now!


This series just get better and better! Back again for round three, even more players are coming forward in this game of who can become number one. How much can these people take? Every time they think they have solved the mystery and they start to relax, they find themselves thrown right back into the mix with even more players and even more twists and turns.

I am so happy Lucian and Kat are together! They deserve happiness, and I'm so glad the realized the love they have for each other! I love the fact that Morton has new friends to talk to! It kind of broke my heart about Lydia and Lucas.. I hope they can work things out. You would think by now Dr. Helmsby would have  learned his lesson.. Think before you sign.. It could prove to be useful..

I hope this isn't the end. There are so many questions left unanswered. If I havent said it enough, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES. Leonard is a very talented writer. He pulls you right into the series and doesnt let you go. You can read the first chapter here. Trust me, you will want to read the whole thing!
I received this book for free from Leonard D. Hilley II in exchange for my honest review.


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The Game of Pawns - Leonard D. Hilley II (eBook)


The Blue Girl - Charles deLint


Flight of Shadows

Title: Flight of Shadows
Series: A Caitlyn Brown Novel #2
Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Genre: Sci-Fi Christain Fiction
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Her genetic secret could change humanity forever.
Her DNA grants her the ultimate power.
But all she wants is to disappear.

Looming buildings rise into the sky of a near-future America, shadowing the desperate poverty of the soovie parks, death doctors, and fear bombs. In this world of walled cities, where status matters most, Caitlyn Brown is desperate to remain invisible, wrongly believing what she needs to hide is the deformity on her back. The powerful want her for so much more.

She’s forced to take flight again, relying on the help of Razor, a street-smart illusionist she can’t trust. Her only hope is to reach friends already tracked by government.

With a twisted bounty hunter in full pursuit, she and Razor begin to learn the unthinkable about her past and the unique gifts of her DNA. It leads Caitlyn to a choice between the two men who love her, and whether to keep her freedom or sacrifice herself to change human destiny.

In this lightning-fast chase through an all-too-plausible future, best-selling author Sigmund Brouwer is at his best. Flight of Shadows is a terrifying ride into the heart of compelling moral questions about science and society.


Flight of Shadows is the sequel to Brouwer's 2008 release, Broken Angel. I didn’t realize this was book 2 of a series until after I had already gotten the book. I went ahead and read it any ways. That may be the reason why I felt somewhat lost/confused in the first few chapters. The world is well crafted, but it took me a few chapters to fully understand what was going on.
Flight of Shadows is a fictional story that takes place in the future after a series of wars. This story is about Caitlyn who was genetically engineered. Because of this engineering, she has many people hunting her. She is trying to blend in with the working class of her day--the Invisibles. She just wants to hide in the shadows and keep her gift a secret. She’s not even sure if she can trust the only person wanting to help her.
Even though this is a Christain Fiction, Brouwer refrains from preaching. Instead he relys on the story to tell the horrs of DNA manipulation. He offers this as a warning, the dangers lie in the abuse of cheap illegal immigrant workers, the decline of civil liberties, and the exploitation of science for the pleasures of the privileged few.This is a very interesting story. I would recommend it to Sci-Fi or Fiction Lovers.
 I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review.



Beyond the Darkness

Title: Beyond the Darkness
Series: The Darkness Series #2
Author: Leonard D. Hilley II
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
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The Darkness Continues . . .

Three years after Daniel and the other survivors escaped the terrorizing, blood-thirsty shifters in Pittsburgh, his friends have moved forward with their lives, but Daniel cannot. He believes the conspiracies within TransGenCorp have not ended and more shifters exist.

Then Daniel receives a phone call from Lucas that bolsters his paranoia.

Lucas is being charged with murders he insists his clone committed.

Daniel soon discovers darker atrocities are emerging, which not only place his life in immense danger, but all his friends as well. 

!This Post Contains Spoilers! If you have not read Predators of Darkness turn back now!


Another great read from Leonard D. Hilley II. This author has a way with words, they come to life on the page. This story continues three years after they escape Pittsburgh. Everyone has moved on, started living life again. Everyone except Daniel. He knows this isn't over. The next morning he gets a call from Lucas saying he's in jail for murder. Everyone knows Lucas is a dare devil but he would never murder anyone. Daniels fears are coming true.. 

There is no down time with his stories, he jumps right into the good stuff, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time!

In Predators of Darkness you meet Lucas' clone, Lucian. He doesn't seem like a bad guy to me. He's like a child. He just wants someone to love him. He's tired of the way Idris treats him. I kind of felt sorry for him in this book. When he tries to get close to someone they always turn on him. I think he wants to be good he just needs someone on his side.
Morton.. I absolutely love that cat! I love his smart alack remarks. And It broke my heart when he gets shot at the apartment, and he knows he dying. He just wants to see Felicia one more time. That part definitely made me cry. He still kicked some major butt, If I was in trouble I would want someone like Morton on my side!
I feel like I know these people. When they set off in the story and you're following them you have to urge to yell at the book to let them know that something bad is about to happen. Ugh, I was so nervous I bit all my finger nails off.

And just when you thought this series couldn't get any better, Leonard D. Hilley throws this book in you face!
To top it all off there's a book number three! It makes you wonder if he knows something and he's trying to warn us?? A little Dr. Helmsby going on here? If you like the review, go read the first chapter here! This is an amazing series, we need to spread the word. As long as Leonard keeps writing, I will keep reading what he puts out there!
I received this book for free from Leonard D. Hilley II in exchange for my honest review.


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