Getting all the dorm room essentials pulled together

I'm so glad that they make more things for dorm rooms than back when I was in college. I don't' even recall having a fridge. I think that I just had a hot plate! I know that my daughter would just die without a microwave and fridge in her dorm room. We're still working on pulling together all of her things for her dorm room before she moves in about a week or so.
I've been looking a lot to see if I'm forgetting anything that she'll need. While I was double checking some dorm room musts online, I ran across the website CLEAR-INTERNET.com. Once I looked through it a little bit, I decided to change over our home internet access to it.
There were a few things that I had overlooked, like a shower caddy and shower shoes. So we're picking up some of those tomorrow. Those are absolute essentials and I can't believe I almost forgot them! We've heard that her dorm is one of the newer ones and it's supposed to be nicer, but I guess that you never really know.

Guest post written by Estelle Graham


Long Time, No See

Sorry I haven't posted on here in a long time. I have been backed up with Author Requested Reviews, going out of town, and spending time with both sides of my family. I fell like there isn't enough time in the day..

Well I just stumbled across this pretty cool site today and wanted to let you know about it.

It's pretty much a search engine where they pull up where to get the cheapest books. Which I am always looking for a good deal. They have titles like Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter.

They have Romance books, Childrens books, Comic Books, Cook Books, Sports books, Science fiction/ Fantasy books.

Its a pretty awesome site. You should check it out some time!

That's it for me.. In the mean time head on over to The Blogging Book and check out some of my reviews.
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