I am an Emotional Creature

Title: I am an Emotional Creature
Author: Eve Ensler
Genre:Women's Studies, Drama
Format: Paperback, 192 pp
Source: Random House Publishing


In this daring book, internationally acclaimed author and playwright Eve Ensler offers fictional monologues and stories inspired by girls around the globe. Fierce, tender, and smart, I Am an Emotional Creature is a celebration of the authentic voice inside every girl and an inspiring call to action for girls everywhere to speak up, follow their dreams, and become the women they were always meant to be.


This book is so true. Eve asks questions everyone wants to know, but is to scared to ask. Even me. This book is full of little stories bunched together. They're all about what girls go through, all around the world. It's about eating disorders, sex, pleasing everyone but your self, drugs, cutting, being pregnant. So different, yet so much the same. It's been a few years since I was in High School, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Every thing she says, I had been there, heard or saw it happen. It is so crazy to think back on those days. Every girl goes through it and there's no way to stop it. I wish my 13 year old sister could read this. maybe it would help her through some tough times to come.
 Don't have sex with the jock so you can hang with the popular girls. It's not worth it. After high school you will most likely not even talk to one person you went to school with.It is comforting to know that I am not the only person that went through those things.
If there was one message I got from this book it would be, stand up for your self. Looking back now I wish I could have read this book. I suggest every girl, teen, and woman read this. It helps you remember, relate, cope.



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