Watching too much TV

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

We got cannonsatellite for the house and all I’ve been watching nonstop is AMC. I never would have thought the shows on there would be for me but when it comes to Mad Men, there’s not a better show on television. I love John Hamm and all the cast and I can’t wait for it to come back on! You know what else I’m excited about? That show The Walking Dead where the zombies take over the world – now THAT’S a good one. I’m not even usually into horror stuff like that but it’s just artfully done and there’s a lot of plot behind all the gory stuff. I’m sad Breaking Badis off for the season but it had one heck of a season finale and I’ve heard last year is the last season so it will be pretty cool when it’s all said and done and all the cards are on the table. I just can’t wait to see how the whole show pans out!


Arthur said...

You are on the risk to lost your life with tv! same here :) I am spending every day more than 4hours just browsing thru tv list :D

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